All of the team at "Bee real estate" think that it is very important to safeguard your personal information. The purpose for this "Terms of Use Agreement" in regards to personal information protection is to offer you a brief description of the kind of data we collect from you whenever you visit our website at (hereinafter referred to as "Website") and the way that we handle that information. Whenever you visit or use our Website, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy in regards to personal information protection. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use this Website.

This Privacy Policy is only valid for the data collected while you are visiting the Website. For more information about the way the Website can redirect you to other websites, please read the Clause regarding Links and Redirection to third-party Websites below.

Data we collect

We collect and store all data that you willfully provide us as well as all relevant data regarding your visit at our Website and the use.

We collect information about personal recognition (including, but not restricted to, your name, your address and your telephone number) which you willfully provide us. For instance, you willfully provide us with personal identification information every time you send us an email, whenever you use certain tools and features in our Website, i.e. when you list your email to receive the Bee real estate newsletter or when you use the Features "Contact a Bee office" or "Contact a Bee Real Estate Agent" or when you participate in a research or a questionnaire.

Furthermore, during your visit to our Website we automatically collect some data regarding your visit. This data is not considered as personal identification information, i.e. it is anonymous data, including the date and time of your visit, your IP address, the data of your web browser you are using on your computer, which url you visited before getting to our Website and which url you went to after leaving our Website, the name of the Internet address and the Internet provider you are using to access the Internet as well as the features and tools on our Website that you have used.

Use of Cookies

"Cookies" are simple text files that are saved on your hard disk to be used by your browsers. Certain features on our Website may only be available through the use of a "cookie". It is possible that we might use these "cookies" to help gather information and to monitor the use and the preferences of visitors on our Website so we can improve the services we offer you. The use of "cookies" is standard procedure with all websites on the Internet, while most of the Internet browsers offer the user the choice to accept, decline or even delete all "cookies" at any time. This Website uses a private "cookie" that gathers anonymous information of its visitors.

What are the data used for

All data gathered is used to offer and improve our already high standard reliable services. We use this data to:

• respond to searches or requests and monitor feedback
• offer information about the products and services we offer
• solve problems and to
• manage our Website and assess its use.

Data update

While you are searching for a property listing, we will redirect you to the website of one or more of the Bee real estate offices working within our network and we will provide them with the information that you have submitted to us, including the parameters of your query and, whether you have submitted it, all your contact information. Similarly, if you ask for a Real Estate Agent working with Bee real estate or an office collaborating with Bee real estate or for any other kind of information from us, we will forward your personal identification data that you submitted to the relevant section of Bee real estate so that your request be fulfilled.

We do not sell or lease personal identification information to any third parties that are not collaborating with Bee real estate. It is possible to forward personal identification information to any Agents working with Bee real estate, including all and any strategic partners and third party providers in order to respond to your request or to offer information about the products and services available.

It is possible to share certain overall information (that are not personal identification information) with certain third parties i.e. publicists, national organizations and candidate subsidiaries. In addition, we reserve the right to reveal overall information and personal identification information to third parties as it is requested or allowed by the legislation and whenever we deem it necessary for the protection of our rights.

URLinks and Redirection to Third-Party Websites

The Website includes links to third-party websites that may redirect you to other websites ("Third-Party Websites"). Those include:

• offices collaborating with Bee real estate
• independent Real Estate Agents working with Bee real estate.

Bee real estate does not control any Third-Party Websites and Bee real estate is not accountable for Third-Party Websites, including without restrictions of accuracy, capability, correctness, reliability, completion or up-to-date information for any link is included in them or for any change or upgrade. Including or accessing Third-Party Websites does not entail Bee real estate's approval, or that of the content or services provider or any third party website. Bee real estate reserves the right to end any link or connected program at any time.

Please bear in mind that when you log onto third party websites, any information you provide, including your financial data, is subject to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy that applies to that particular Website.

Protection of minors

This Website is not intended to be used by children and we do not knowingly collect information from children.

Valid date, Changes in the Privacy Policy

Every time you use the Website, the current Privacy Policy will be applicable. Therefore, when you use the Website, you will have to check the date mentioned on the Privacy Policy (which is stated at the beginning of the document) and to be informed about any changes since the last edition. We reserve the right to add, change, upgrade or alter the Privacy Policy at any time without any warning other than simply posting the changes, upgrade or alteration on the Website. Every change, alteration or upgrade will be in effect immediately on posting it on the Website.

If you are ever aware of any information you have submitted or offered to our Website that is lost, stolen or used against your approval, you should immediately inform us via email at or call our offices at +30 2310 455 111.

Liability waiver

Bee real estate waives any and all liability for any loss (including but not limiting to those, direct, indirect, punitive, special, accidental, consequential, of revenue or profit) that might arise from the use of information or material on this Website, even if Bee real estate has been previously informed of the possibility of such loss.

Applicable laws

This Privacy Policy is subject to applicable legislation of the Greek State without the application of conflicting laws principles.

Contact Us

If you wish to contact us with questions or comments about this Privacy Policy or the practices of collecting and forwarding the data collected on this Website, please email us at If you wish to read the Terms of Use of this Website, click here.

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