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Voltsis Michalis

Karipidis Giorgos

Makis Maniatis

Tziampazis Michalis
Charis Chrisomallidis
Hytas Alexandros

Mitropoleos 20
Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki

Телефон 2310 26 00 03
Fax. 2310 24 00 05
"Bee Spot" was created by “Bee real estate” founders, with the intent to serve residents and professional’s real estate needs in Thessaloniki area (Eastern - Central - Western).

"Bee Spot" agents are specialized realtors of “Bee real estate”, both in investment or commercial properties and residents as well, and are fully recognizable in their specific area.

Having the best interests of our clients at heart, "Bee Spot" offers full solutions and services to owners who wish to sell or lease their properties and buyers/renters who wish to relocate.

Special advisers on technical and legal issues provide in Bee Spot’s customers complete and integrated services. We are all at your disposal for any information, advice or service.

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