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Olga Georgousi
Dimou Panagiota
Apostolos Coubanis
Despoina Ktenidou
Ioannis Papaioannou
Tsali Sissy

Karakasi 52
Anatoliki, Thessaloniki

Телефон 2310 98 98 70
Fax. 2310 98 98 96
site. http://www.bee-one.gr
Nowadays, the Real Estate field demands expertise, professionalism and accountability.

"Bee One" brokers, Architects and Engineers themselves for over two decades in Thessaloniki, having listened to the needs people living in the greater Eastern Thessaloniki area have expressed, have founded "Bee One", situated in the hub of the district on the corner of. P. Syndika ave. and Karamanli ave., aiming to offer top quality services to people who need to house their family or settle their business or look for investment opportunities.

How can "Bee One" do that?

The special characteristic of "Bee One"'s staff is that they combine many decades' expertise with "Bee real estate"'s high standards in providing the highest level real estate services, with methods that have been successfully tested and the expertise and knowledge of Real Estate Agents working with us, who come from the construction industry (Polytechnic School graduates) as well as Sales. All of our Real Estate Agents are experts in marketing listings, they are constantly attending seminars about new tools "Bee real estate" network has to offer and are able to recognize and understand the significance and necessity of the most expensive commodity a person ever acquires: buying a home.

Real Estate Agents working with "Bee One" have added to their experience and knowledge in the field all the technical mastery and expertise "Bee real estate" has to offer through the company's seminars, "Bee Base" and "Bee Practice", and are always available to service property owners and interested buyers/renters to successfully conclude a transaction or a lease contract:

• At the best price available in the current market
• In a short amount of time
• Without any inconvenience for neither party

Housing needs are constant and never stop, no matter the financial circumstances. "Bee One" Real estate Agents have been trained and offer all the necessery expertise and "Bee real estate" methods.

Our office's clients make the best of our services. "Bee One"'s success over the last two years has been that it became one of the fastest growing offices in Thessaloniki, staffed with highly proficient Real Estate Agents, using just that combination to success!

Bee One

We are readily available, at your service, at your request!


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