Bee Capital


Bee Capital, a member of the Bee real estate associated office network in different cities in Greece, was founded a few months ago to offer top quality real estate services to people who live and wish to relocate in Athens or people who wish to buy or rent property in Athens.

The real estate market today, more than ever before, requires knowhow, professionalism and reliability. Bee Capital's brokers are architects and developers working in Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, for over two decades. Along with our associates, real estate agents who are experienced realtors and fully educated as to the difficult times our industry has been going through over the last 5-6 years, are at your service to offer the best possible solutions to satisfy your housing or commercial real estate requests or to invest in properties in Greece to get the best and most profitable return on your investment.

People who trust us to find the property they are looking for as well as the owners who entrust their properties to us can expect to get the maximum of our services for a top quality real estate experience.

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